The new cause of death in Cambodia

What is happening in Cambodia?

Millions of Cambodian people were dead by chronic civil war, landmines and HIV/AIDS. But another tragedy that is happening in the country is traffic accident that claimed the lives of more than 5 people died and 16 people were seriously injured every day and its cause damaging public and private property and budget. In addition, the accident has left such as orphans, widows, disabled and destitute people that these consequences effect to the Government’s policy to reduce poverty significantly. Obviously accidents in 2013 were caused retention

  • 1,950 people were killed and 13,780 has injured. 9,354 people were death from 2009 – 2013.
  • 70% of total fatalities are motorcyclists and 62% of those fatalities are motorcyclists got head injured while traffic accidents.
  • 71% of fatalities age 15 – 44, a group that offers a high potential for economic growth in the state
  • The budget is approximately $ 337 million loss
  • If no tightening enforcement regularly and disseminate effective, at least 3,200 people will die in 2020

Why new road traffic law is importance’s?

The New Road Traffic Law will help to address these challenges in the country. Since a key theme in the new law was widely covered than the old law, such as safeguards road users, solve traveling and additional restrictions for road users. So if the new traffic law was adopted in 2014 and regular law enforcement, in 2020;

  • Can save lives of about 7,350 people
  • 10,572 of the victims will prevented from a head injury
  • $ 1,230 million can saved which loss by traffic accidents.

Also, all of you can support for a quick passage new road traffic law as well by click on this link <> and then fill your name and email address is finish. Therefore, you can support through mobile phone by calling via phone number as in the picture below;


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